Monday, June 23, 2014


Picture above shows Yemi Onijara right, addressing the audience on the function of the Genetic Analyizer Software at the Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria Clinic at Idi-Araba Lagos Nigeria.   
As part activies lined up to mark the 2014 World SICKLE CELL DAY billed for June 19 2014, the management of SICKLE FOUNDATION NIGERIA organised a media tour led by the chairman of the Foundation, Professor Olu Akinyanju. The purpose of the tour was for the media to witness the State of-the-art equipments that was in place and how to get more to meet up with international standard. The Foundation according to the Chairman needs about 250 Million Naira to make the clinic compete favourably with any Sickle cell Clinic in the world. The Genetic Analyizer department for instance has a Genetic  Analyizer equipment which is used for a million of tests; Like paternity dispute, Bone marrow transplant,Forensic etc. The results gotten from this machine is sent overseas for verification because the Genetic Analyizer Software is not in place, thus making treatment for people living with Sickle Cell Disorder expensive and unaffordable for the common man. For instance, a prenatal diagnosis used to determine the genotype of an unborn child cost about 230 thousand naira and usually takes about one week for the result to be ready. But if the Genetic Anayizer Software is in place, the cost will drop to about 100,000 Naira and the result will be ready in forty-eight hours says Yemi Onijala Molecular Labouratory Scientist who works with Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria Clinic.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Professor Olu Akinyanju, Chairman Sickle Cell Foundation, Nigeria stressing a point that people with Sickle Cell disorder can live long

Just like the poor cannot be eradicated from the society so are people with sickle cell. Every measure taken by councellors to stop people with the traits of sickle cell from marrying each other have failed, says the Chairman of Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria, Professor
Olu Akinyanju. Since trying to reduce or stop people from giving birth to children with sickle cell through counselling has failed, Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria has decided to take the responsibility of making sure that people who live with the disorder can live a normal life if they use any of the sickle cell centres accredited by the Foundation for their regular check up. According to Dr. Ajibola Sanda who is the Director of Clinical Services, Sickle Cell Foundation, the service is free. All it will cost the patient with sickle cell disorder to get a qualitaive medical care is the transport fare to and from the clinic. Whether rich or poor, Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria has made life for people living with disorder worth it.

Dr. Ajibola Sanda Director of Clinical Services, Sickle Cell Foundation, says treament is free.