Saturday, March 31, 2012


The last battle for the Nigerian Idol season 2 crown sponsored by etisalat Nigeria was fought on stage this week between two giants who emerged finalists in this year`s Music TV Reality Show. The two finalists are Mercy Chinwo and Joe Blue. They sang their last songs of the competition that will fetch them the crown if the votes favour them this week. Both of them sang three songs each. The first they chose for themselves, the second was chosen for them by their Music director and the third was a Nigerian song that they chose for themselves. The studio was filled to it`s capacity with some friends, family members and well wishers of both contestants putting on the T shirts of their contestants and some carrying placards that displayed the name of their favourite contestant. The tension for the audience was high as they wanted to watch the two finalists perform. No sooner than expected, the show started with Joe Blue. The people who had been expecting the show to start screemed as Joe Blue mounted the stage. Joe Blue`s first song was Whitney Houston`s `ONE MOMENT IN TIME` no doubt, he did his best. Jeffrey Daniels, who is one of the Nigerian Idol Judges in his comment after Joe`s first performance said he started well but later lost the key but no matter what, Joe is a creative and entertaining performer he said. Mercy then took the stage and the crowd started shouting Mercy! Mercy!! Mercy!!! And immidiately Mercy started singing some people started appaulding, and as she got into the middle of the song some stood up to dance and some screemed, calling her name. She sang Withney Houston`s `I LOOK TO YOU`. Joe`s second song was `REHAB` by AMY WINESTONE and his third song was `IFEOMA ` by Felix Liberty. He did the songs well. Mercy`s second song was `ONE THING` by AMERIE and her third was P Square`s ` CHOP MY MONEY` which she did to the satisfaction of the studio audience. The results will be announced next week and the big question is who goes home with the one hundred thousand dollars prize, the SUV Jeep and the recording contract? Will it be Mercy or Joe Blue? The voters will decide that and Alexander Forbes the reliable company that collates the results will unveil the winner to us. The second winner will go home with 1.5 million Nigerian Naira which is about Ten thousand US dollars while the third place winner(Stephen Onochie) will go home with One Million Naira Picture above is Joe doing `IFEOMA` by Felix Liberty

Mercy doing `I LOOK TO YOU` By withney Houston  

Friday, March 30, 2012


The 14th Genetic Counselling Training course on sickle Cell Disorder organised by Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria ended today March 30, 2012 at the National Sickle Cell Centre, Ishaga Road, Idi-Araba Lagos Nigeria with about thirty participants graduating from the two week course. The most exciting thing about this training is that for the first time since the course was initiated, the Doctors outnumbered the nurses. In times past, the nurses had always outnumbered the Doctors, but this edition was different as the Doctors outnumbered the nurses. The number of Doctors that participated in the course was eleven while the nurses recorded nine. According to the Chairman of Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria, Professor Olu Akinyanju, the course was initiated so that genetic counsellors can ensure that their clients-affected persons, their parents or healthy carriers of the sickle gene- are provided with all the information necessary to assist them in understanding the pattern, the manifestations and the complications of SCD. This enables them cope better with the disorder and make informed life-style decisions. Trained councellors also help to establish and run support and advocacy associations such as Sickle Cell Clubs, create awareness and promote the development of dedicated Sickle Cell Clinics and other appropriate facilities in their communities. Speaking to Dr. Sani Awwalu an Haematologist with Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in Zaria, Kaduna who was one of the eleven Doctors that attended the course and also came second in the training programme, he said that the purpose of his attending the training was because Nigeria has the highest number of Sickle Cell patients in the world which is actually disturbing with government doing little or nothing to tackle this problem. This actually made me come for the course which is of international standard so that I in my little way can affect the society positively. Photo Above: R-L Professor Olu Akinyanju, Chairman Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria addressing the audience at the Closing/Certificate Award Ceremony of the Genetic Counselling Training Course on Sickle Cell Disorder, Dennis Okoro, Director MTN Foundation, representing Ambassador Hamzat Ahmadu, Chairman MTN Foundation, Dr. Victor Adekunle, representing the Chairman of the occasion, Professor Wale Oke, Chief Medical Director LASUTH and Francis Barde head of corporate affairs Union Bank of Nigeria, representing the Group Managing Director of Union Bank, Mrs Funke Osibodu at the occasion

The participants

Mrs Florence Oreitan Adefolayin receiveing her first position prize from the Chairman of Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria, Professor Olu Akinyanju at the Closing/Certificate Award Ceremony of the Genetic Councelling Training Course on Sickle Cell Disorder which took place at the National Sickle Cell Centre, Ishaga Road, Idi-Araba, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria on March 30, 2012

Dr. Sani Awwalu a Haemotologist says he came for the training because he is disturbed by the high rate of Sickle Cell Disorder in Nigeria


The ongoing Nigerian Idol season 2 Music reality TV show, sponsored by etisalat Nigeria, is gradually coming to an end. This week, Steve Onochie was voted out of the show as Mercy Chinwo and Joe Blue qualified for the finals. Jeffrey Daniels who was asked what performance of Steve will he always remember, sighted that of Sweet Mother because he lost his mother and stephen`s Sweet Mother performance will always be in his memory. After the show, Jeffrey told me that Stephen will do well in the music industry because of his great voice. Stephen is one singer who sings clearly and from the beginning to the end of his song, you can hear clearly what he`s singing(Lyrics) without stress. He also advised that Steve should live by Jennifer Hudson`s example, she lost the American Idol and now she`s won for herself an Oscar, a Grammy and other awards. Speaking to one of the studio audience about Steve`s eviction, the person who does not want his identity disclosed, says he believes that there`s a life for Stephen after his eviction. Everything that was done in the Idol show was a preparation for the music life of the participants. They sang other people`s songs not theirs. They are now going to the world were they will compose and sing their own songs and those who do well after the Idol show are the real champions not the one who wins the hundred thousand dollars and stops there. The reality of those who will become stars in music will start after the show. The person also went further to say that Omawunmi didn`t win the West African Idol show but today, the winner can`t stand her, becuase there`s a difference in singing other people`s songs and yours. He challenged Steve to go into the world and prove what Omawuni and Dare Art Alade have proven. The duo didn`t win the West African Idol and Project fame respectively, but they have today surpassed the winners and that should be the case study for Stephen Onochie who took his eviction in good faith even though the Delta born young talent was a little emotional immidiately he was annouced the third place winner of Nigerian Idol season 2. Picture above shows Stephen Onochie in his final performance in Nigerian Idol season 2 Show. He sang Peabo Bryson`s `TONITE I CELEFRATE MY LOVE`  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The ongoing Nigerian Idol season 2 is gradually coming to an end with just three contestants left in the show. One of these three contestants will have to be evicted this week based on the votes of the viewers who decides who leaves the show. Vote ends today and sadly, one of these three talents must leave the show this week and who will that talent be? Who will the voters evict? Who amongst them will not be in the finals (Top 2)? Will it be Stephen Onochie, Mercy Chinwo or Joe Blue? Alexander Forbes the company in charge of collating the results will answer the question before this week runs off. Picture above: L-R: Stephen Onochie, Mercy Chinwo and Joe Blue.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The sales of Newspapers, and Magazines in Nigeria has tremendously dropped compared to was it used to be like in the eighties. Apart from what the economy has subjected most Nigerians to, another reason for the decline in sales is the infidelity of vendors who collect a token from the people who read the papers and then return it back to the vendors. Picture above shows some motorcycle riders who parked their bikes to read hired newspapers at Oba Akran, Ikeja  Lagos, Nigeria recently.

Monday, March 26, 2012


The ongoing Nigerian Idol reality show has featured seasoned artiste in the show. Last week was no exception as popular Nigerian singer and producer, Jesse Jaggy entertained the audience at the ongoing reality show on the day late Afro beat king, Fela Kuti was celebrated. Another Nigerian singer, Blackmagic also performed brillantly to the satisfaction of the audience at the same day. The first runner-up of Nigerian Idol season 1 in the person of Naomi Mac also performed at the eviction of Najite El-David. Picture above shows Jesse Jaggy performing at the Nigerian Idol show

Blackmagic entertaining the audience

Naomi Mac thrilling the audience with her beautiful performance at the eviction of Najite El-David

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Organisers of Nigerian Idol season 2 Reality TV Music show, dedicated last week`s show to the late Afro beat king, Fela Kuti as the three contestants left in the competition sang late Fela Kuti`s songs. His first son, Femi Kuti was invited as the guest Judge. After the contestants had finished thrilling the audience present in the show with Fela`s songs, Charly Boy who happens to be one of the Judges, used a paper to jokingly make what looked like a Marijuana (IGBO) but not a Marijuana it was only a paper to signify what the late was known to smoke durning his days on earth. Above is Fela`s son Femi Kuti left, with a lighter joking with Charly Boy`s paper shaped Marijuana at the Nigerian Idol show.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


As the season 2 Nigerian Idol TV Reality Music show, sponsored by etisalat Nigeria is gradually coming to an end, this week, the top three contestants left in the show celebrated the late Afro Beat king, Fela Kuti as they sang his songs in grand style. The contestants namely Mercy Chinwo, Stephen Onochie and Joe Blue sang two songs each. Mercy opened the stage with Victor Uwaifo`s `JOROMI` which she did fantastically very well according to the Judges who are experts in music and ended the show with late Fela Kuti`s Zombie. This week`s show was dedicated to the late Fela Kuti of blessed memory and had the presence of his first son, Femi Kuti who was a guest Judge. Femi scored Mercy very high. According to him, Mercy scored a Triple A. The next person to perform was Stephen Onochie his first song was Adamma by Flavour. No doubt, the young talented singer did justice to the song. The second song he sang was Fela`s ` I NO BE GENTLEMAN`. Before the song, the trio had jointly done one of Fela`s songs titled water and at anytime Stephen sang, he drew applause from the studio audience and when he did `I NO BE GENTLEMAN` the audience were as thrilled as when he sang water with the other contestants. Femi, Fela`s son, scored him average. According to Femi, I can`t Judge you with the song because you can`t satisfy me. I don`t even satisfy myself but I will Judge you with my common sense taking your age and the band that played for you into consideration but you have to learn to listen to Fela and more of Jazz music he said. At the end, he scored him a pass mark alongside Yinka Davies who is one of the Judges. Joe Blue was the third to perform, and he sang Rex Lawson`s `LOVE ADURE` which no doubt he did well. His second song was Fela`s `PALAVA` meaning trouble and his performance according to Femi was good and Joe was scored an A plus by Fela`s son who understands his late father`s music that anyone else. The three contestants gave their all to stay in the competition, but unfortunately, Next week, one contestant must leave and who will that contestant be? Alexander Forbes will give us the result of the person the voters who are the viewers want out of the contest. Picture above is Mercy doing `JOROMI`

Stephen doing ` ADAMMA`

Joe Blue doing `LOVE ADURE`

The trio doing Fela`s `WATER`. L-R: Joe Blue, Mercy Chinwo and Stephen Onochie

Charly Boy and Femi Kuti pose for a photograph after the show

Friday, March 23, 2012


evictee The ongoing season 2 of the Nigerian Idol TV reality Music show sponsored by etisalat Nigeria is gradually coming to an end as one of the Judges favourite to make the final three was evicted. Najite El-David was this week`s evictee in the ongoing Nigerian Idol show. In one of her performance before this week`s eviction, one of the three Judges, Charly Boy had consulted his oracle and had predicted Najite to be in the final three but unfortunately, when this week`s result was annouced, it contradicted Charly Boy`s oracle as the person he had predicted to be in the final four has now gone beyond the final four and is now in the final three and that`s Stephen Onochie the loverboy. Before the annoucement of the result, to say that all hope was lost for Onochie is to state the obvious. Ill the anchor had asked each of the Judges of who amongst the contestants will score the highest number of votes. They actually didn`t answer the question directly but Yinka Davies, one of the Judges praised Mercy and Joe Blue directly giving them confidence. Little or nothing was said about Stephen Onochie, but when the result was annouced, Mercy, scored the highest number of votes this week, followed by Stephen whom Charly Boy`s oracle had predicted for the top four and not three. But Stephen is now in the top three. With the way the show is going, any of the three contestants can win the big prize of a hunderd thousand US dollars and the big question of who will that be will be answered early next month. Picture above shows Najite the
Stephen Onochie, scored the second highest number of votes this week

Mercy middle almost fainting after annoucing that she scored the highest number of votes this week

Nagite El-David, in her last performance in the season 2 Idol show 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


After a wonderful perfomance by the four contestants left in the Nigerian Idol season 2 Music Competition last week, one person this week must be evicted. The person with the least number of votes will have to bow out of the show. The big question is, who will that be? Will it be Stephen, Mercy, JOE, or Najite? Alexander Forbes this Week will reveal the results to us. Picture above: L-R- Stephen Onochie, Mercy Chinwo, Joe Blue and Najite El-David

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


All efforts to transform Lagos to a Mega City by state governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola is obviously being frustrated by the inhabitants of the state as they litter the streets with waste. Picture above shows the state of Kudirat Abiola way in Oregun Ikeja Lagos Nigeria, recently  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Afro Juju king, Sir Shina Peters of Nigeria, performed Ace the track that brought him to limelight in 1988/89 at the season 2 of the Nigerian Idol TV reality show, sponsored by etisalat Nigeria. This track thrilled the audience that they all stood up and were dancing to the music. Picture above is Sir Shina Peters, on stage.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Winner of West African Idol Timi Dakolo was the guest artiste at the ongoing Nigerian Idol season 2 competiton where he performed to the satisfaction of the audience. Picture above shows Timi Dakolo performing at the Nigerian Idol season 2 Show

Sunday, March 18, 2012


One of the three Nigerian Idol season 2 judges, Jeffrey Daniels of the Shalamar fame, has something to take back to the American musicians. What can that be? The popular Nigerian dance called `ALANTA` of course. Above is Jeffrey Daniels, a great American singer and dancer, dancing Alanta in the studio where Nigerian Idol is recorded.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


The four contestants left in the season 2 of the Nigerian Idol show sponsored by etisalat Nigeria, are, Mercy Chinwo, Najite El-David, Stephen Onochie and Joe Blue. They performed two foreign songs each this week. Joe Blue opened the show with the song FINE TO RAIN by Adele and his second song was REHAB by late Amy Winehouse. He did fantastically well expecially in Rehab that he got the standing Ovation of the audience. Charly Boy described him again as Hurricane and Tsunami Blue and openly explained that the reason he loves Joe is because of the Charly Boy spirit in him. Without being asked, he explained the Charly Boy spirit himself. According to Charly Boy, Joe Blue contested for Idol last year but got nowhere, this year he contested and was booted out but since the judges had the power to save contestants they felt were good, he was saved and since then he`s been doing great. I want to believe that`s the Charly Boy spirit. Nagite was next in the show with the track No One by Aliciakeys and her second choice of song was Rihanna`s Umbrella. Najite gave her best but the winner of West African Idol Timi Dakolo who performed in the day`s show before sitting with the others judges as the day`s guest judge was not too satisfied with her rap in her umbrella song. The next person to perform was Stephen Onochie. He sang two songs too. The first was WHEN A WOMAN LOVES by R. Kelly and the second was OH MY GOSH by Usher. Before Stephen started singing, the crowd had started appaulding him and chanting his name. Steve went on and he did not disappoint his fans. Dakolo, praised Steve`s vocals and Jeffrey Daniels observed that Steve was bigger and better than his second choice of song which Jeff beleives his old schooled Mercy`s first song was Beyonce`s Halo and her second song was Amerie`s One thing. Mercy gave her best that the audience gave her both a clapping and a standing ovation after her wonderful performance. The guest artiste of the day and the winner of West African Idol, Timi Dakolo who was one of the day`s judges was impressed by Mercy`s performance that he openly requested for Mercy`s friendship. Charly Boy said that the stage is Mercy`s home and that she didn`t need any dancer to dance for her. The contestants actually used dancers in their second song. Charly Boy ended with the statement that you know I told you that you will be in the final two and you know what that means.if we have to go by Charly`s word`s, then Mercy is already in the Top two. But last week`s result has proven that the Judges and the studio audience have no say. The voters have the final say. The judges over rated Mercy and Joe last week but when the result was released, Najite and Steven came first and second respectively. Obviously they are all stars but sadly one person must leave. Who will that person be? Picture above shows Joe Blue doing late Amy Winehouse`s `REHAB`

Nagite, doing NO ONE by Aliciakeys

Stephen singing WHEN A WOMAN LOVES passionately

Mercy, doing Beyonce`s HALO

Friday, March 16, 2012


The result of the last performance of the five contestants in the ongoing Nigerian Idol season 2 music reality TV show proudly sponsored by etisalat Nigeria was annouced amidst tension as Honey Adum was voted out of the house. Honey who in his last performance performed two Nigerian songs namely African Queen by Tuface and Fall In Love by Dbanj could not convince the audience who are the voters to keep him in the contest as he was annouced the person with the least votes. Most people who witnessed the last performance of the contestants in the studio had thought that Mercy who one of the Nigerian Idol judges, Charly Boy had said is charge of the stage would score the highest number of votes did not. Suprisingly, Nagite did who was not well rated as Mercy did score the highest number of votes this week and Stephen whom Charly Boy`s juju had forecasted to be in the top 4, actually scored the highest number of votes to beat Charly Boy`s favourite Joe Blue. Joe Blue was described by Charly Boy as Tsunami, Hurricane e.t.c., despite all these descriptions, those who were not eulogised came out tops leaving a clear message behind that of the four left in the house none is a push over. Picture above shows honey Adum bowing out of the season 2 Nigerian Idol show.

Najite on her knees scored the highest number of votes this week

Stephen Onochie right scored the second highest number of votes to keep him in the contest.

Honey Adum doing Fall In Love by Dbanj as his final performance in the Nigerian Idol season 2 show

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last week, the five contestants namely Mercy chinwo, Najite El-David, Stephen Onochie, Joe Blue and Honey Adum performed excellently at the ongoing Nigerian Idol season 2 Reality TV Show sponsored by etisalat Nigeria as each of them sang two Nigerian songs each. One of these five most go home this week and who will that be? The result will be out this week
Picture above shows the five contestants left in the competition. L-R: Najite, Stephen, Joe, Mercy and Honey. Once again, which one of them will leave the show? Find out on this site tomorrow

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The history of Afro Juju music in Nigeria is incomplete without the names of Evangelist Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade. As part of activites lined up to celebrate Obey`s seventieth birthday and Sunny`s fiftieth year on stage, the duo have signed a contract to play at the Harbour hall in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria on May 27, 2012. The time is 2.00pm. Their mentors will also be there to grace the occasion. Ebenezer Obey was mentored by Fatai Rolling Dollars of `WAN KERE SI NUMBER WA`s` fame and Sunny Ade was mentored by Moses Olaiya a.k.a. BabaSala a popular comedian who started off as a musician before going into the theatre fully. Picture above shows Sunny Ade in blue and Ebenezer Obey in white at WTS office in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria on March 13, 2012 


As part of activities to mark this year`s International Women`s Day which held on March 8, 2012 worldwide, Environmental Rights Action (ERA) friends of the earth held a roundtable on Niger Delta women`s plight and Betty Abah Gender Focal Person Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth made her remaks at the occasion with included journalists, widows and pastors. Betty said
As we gather here today to mark the International Women’s day (which held officially world-wide on March 8), with our theme being ‘The Future of the Niger Delta Woman’, I should, ideally, have requested that we observe a minute silence in honour of the death of the Niger Delta woman.
You may wonder if I have gone haywire, for how can we observe a minute silence for someone who is still walking on her feet, or did I miss my way to a funeral proceeding? You may be asking yourself now in composed silence.
Not to worry, except that my troubled answer would be that the average Niger Delta woman, especially in communities hosting the activities of the extractive activities, may be said to be alive, but  technically a walking corpse.
Many of us, I guess, watched the AIT news a couple of weeks ago where a reporter visited Koluama, a community near the site of the recent fire incident at a Chevron offshore rig. Their terribly polluted water sources, the dead fishes floating on the sea (from whence the men earned a livelihood by fishing), the sight of malnourished children, dishevelled mothers and gaunt old men and women was enough to send a message to everyone on the hellish life that people in the Niger Delta face. And that was just one isolated instance that lucky enough to be beamed to the world. Several of such incidences with as much devastating impacts occur almost daily, unreported.
Yet one particular feature that remains memorable and haunting in that AIT coverage was the comment of one of the village women: ‘As we dey so, na deadbodi una dey see o! Na petrol, petrol we dey eat. This spill don kill us finish!’. Now, this is, proverbially, from the horse’s mouth!
I make bold to reiterate here, again, that the average Niger Delta woman is a walking corpse. Why women? You may query. Simply put, the woman in those communities, rich with abundant crude oil deposits, in what is supposed to be a blessing but which has ironically turned a mind-blowing curse, carries a double burden. Besides facing the environmental tortures imposed by the untouchable multinationals like every other person, she carries the extra burden of fending for her home, raising her children and eking an impossible livelihood as the bread winner in many instances. In addition to her woes, she is voiceless in her community, lives without a say in the goings-on, without weight in weighty matters of survivals and excluded from multi-faceed benefits. She is only entitled to crumbs from the many masters’ tables, if at all, she ever gets them. The pollutions (spills, gas flares etc) destroys her farms, her fishing traps, her water sources and sends her across many rivers in search of a bucket of drinkable water, damages her psyche, endangers her health, shortens her life spam,. The African patriarchal tradition and culture clearly impose a padlock on her mouth. How worse can it get?
I had strapped my bag across shoulders and plied my journalism trade for half a dozen years before venturing into environmental activism. I thus prided myself as having  known the vast nooks and crannies and peoples of Nigeria. I had transversed the towns and villages, from Kafanchan in Kaduna State to Ida in Kogi State, from Oke-Ikoyi in Osun State to Nri in Anambra State; from Asaba in Delta State to Farin Ruwa village in Nassarawa State.
Yet the level of acrid poverty, the dehumanisation, the impoverished looks and lives, the deprivation and hopelessness I have witnessed in communities across the Niger Delta in the last five years, as they say, simply beats my imagination. I have seen polluted farms (courtesy Agip faulty pipelines) and deflated women at Ibada-Elume in Delta State; I have seen huge spills and economically dislocated women in Ikarama in Bayelsa State (courtesy Agip faulty manifold); I have seen a whole community relocated and lives taken consequent upon massive spillage in Goi in Ogoniland in Rivers State (courtesy Shell unrepaired pipelines). In many instances, the women, landless, poor and powerless, are the most hit.
 And yet these communities host what is the wealth and well-being of nations, yet these communities have governments who, if for nothing, are supposed to fight for their human and environmental rights. Yet these are humans, these are Nigerians. And they host the black gold. The reality is, these communities, these women are the wretched of the earth.
How did things get this bad? Simple. The multinationals will continue to toy with the lives of Nigerians, will continue to carry out their extractive activities in a most unprofessional and inhuman way and will continue to carry on unruffled when there is a major environmental disaster (e.g. the Bonga spill on the ocean impacting communities in Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa States) and devastating fire outbreaks (e.g. the Chevron fire in Koluama, Southern Ijaw Local Government of Bayelsa State since January 16) because our governments do not care about us and because they have conveniently pocketed the governments at the various levels.
I give you a comparison. When the Gulf of Mexico spill occurred in the USA over a year ago, President Obama visited the site twice, he berated Shell BP and ensured the people were compensated. Just recently, a $25 Billion compensation agreement was reached. But not after the head of Shell BP in America resigned and BP’s shares in the stock market plummeted irredeemably.
But what did we see here? President Goodluck Jonathan, a son of the Niger Delta soil has displayed a blatant lack of interest in the lives of these impacted people. He only visited Koluama after much hue and cry, and perhaps on a way from a political strategy meeting in Bayelsa. Weeks after the Chevron fire, Red Cross and other relief agencies hadn’t reached the communities with relevant relief materials because, according to the news, ‘approval for funds for the relief materials were hampered by bickering among Bayelsa State politicians’. Take note also that the President, after taking receipt of the UNEP Report on Ogoni since last year (a report that indicted and exposed Shell’s dangerous antics), is yet to make a definitive statement. We all know the destination that the reported is headed: the shiny presidential dust bin.
Can the government come out, beat its chest and say this is how we have assisted the impacted communities thus far? Can Chevron or Shell make public what relief efforts they have so far undertaken following these incidences? Can they table before the world the compensation plan they have for those affected by these occurrences?  How much, really, is a Nigerian life worth in the insensitive binoculars of the powerful oil multinationals operating in our land?
Ladies and gentlemen of the media, fellow human and environmental rights activists, you can see clearly that today, we have come to bury the Niger Delta woman. For of what value is a life, of man or woman, that commands no respect for his/her rights to opinions, to a sane and healthy environment, to breath even a gale of fresh air? And, as long as the government remain comfortably cocooned in the pockets of the powerful multinationals, as long as the First Ladies of Niger Delta states continue to add more dexterity to their headgears and more support for the longevity of their husband’s political life span rather than lend a helping hand to the impoverished women in these communities, the Niger Delta woman will continue to be a walking corpse.
But we can make a difference. We can speak out against this evil on the mother hen laying the golden egg; we can awaken the conscience of our government. We can turn this day of burial rites to a day of decision. Thankfully, the International Women’s Day affords us this opportunity. It is possible.
Let then the Niger Delta woman live! Picture Above is Betty Abah, Gender Focal Person, Environmental Rights Action/ friends of the earth, using the cover photograph of the magazine she is holding which has a Niger Delta woman to explain her points.

Some of the people at the occasion which held at Ogba Lagos Nigeria on March 12, 2012


A two day mobile marketing summit, sponsored by etisalat Nigeria, was geared towards establishing a professional mobile medium in West  Africa, While focusing on making the case for mobile medium drawing on experiences of international experts familiar with emerging markets. Picture above shows Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. Steve Evans receiving an
award from the Country Manager, MMA South Africa, Mr. Terry Murphy at the
Mobile Marketing Summit held in Lagos recently

Monday, March 12, 2012


As part of activities to mark this year`s International Women`s day, Environmental Rights Action (ERA) friends of the earth, organised a media forum, showcasing the plight of the Women of the Niger Delta. Joe Okei Odunmakin, president of Women Arise said she visited the Niger Delta region sometime ago and saw an obituary of a thirty one year old woman and written on the obituary was after a life well spent. This made her to understand that life expectancy for the Women of Niger Delta has dropped drastically. The reason for this is obvious according to a BBC correspondent, Fidelis Mbah. Mbah who had a presentation at the forum said, because of the oil spills in the region, their men whose major occupation is fishing can no longer fullfil their responsiblities as the head of their families, hence subjecting their wives into unnecessary hardship. These men frustrated by the spills, according to Mbah, impregnate their wives in the village, run to the city for a while and come back and impregnate them again and again. Their women take care of their children and their husbands. The spill has actually rendered their husbands useless, and their women have to suffer for it. Betty Abah, Gender Focal Person ERA said the women of Niger Delta grow older than their ages because they over work themselves as a result of the natural deposit called crude oil which has made their land unproductive for their husband who would have naturally taken good care of them. What baffles Abah most is that the present president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria comes from that region but nothing seems to be done to alleviate the sufferings of the women of Niger Delta. Ugonma Cokey, correspondent with the voice of Nigeria urged journalists to report Niger Delta the way it is. It`s our social responsibilty to let the truth be known. What we hear about Niger Delta is not a myth. It is true she argued. Let`s not sit down and wait for press releases, but let`s do investigations and get the truth unveiled. Picture above L-R: Betty Abah, Gender Focal Person Environmental Rights Action (ERA), Joe Okei-Odunmakin, president of Women Arise and Fidelis Mbah, correspndent with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) at the media forum focussing on the plight of women of the Niger Delta at Ogba Lagos Nigeria on March 12, 2012

A Niger Deltan woman showing the oil she fetched from the river instead of water

This women are protesting against the oil spill in the Niger Delta region which has killed all the fish in the river and has turned their white nets into oil colour

Displaying the oil they fetched from the river instead of water

A Niger Delta woman paddling the canoe in search of drinking water, in a water endowed environment

River turned oil as a result of the spill. This is the scene that has rendered the men of the Njger Delta useless because their major occupation is fishing. How can fish survive in this environment?

This is the chevron rig that went aflame on the 16th of January and burnt for 46days till it went off by itself.

Ugonma Cokey, correspondent with voice of Nigeria, calls for the intervention of Nigerian journalists on the Niger Delta issue.Photos by Tonero Photo Agency and Fidelis Mbah

Sunday, March 11, 2012


The five contestants left in the Nigeria Idol show, sponsored by etisalat Nigeria, did their very best on stage to stay in the competition. The contestants sang two Nigerian songs each starting with Mercy Chinwo who Jeffrey Daniels, one of Nigerian Idol season 2 Judges openly said will be amongst the final two. Mercy sang the song titled`Igwe` by mid nite crew. Mercy did justice to the song with good dancing skills and stage performance. Her second song was P Square`s `I GO CHOP YOUR MONEY` which she all did very well that the guest artiste of the day, Sir Shina Peters, commended her and also said that the song she sang was a song which portrayed her real person and that she`ll definately like to swindle men. Other Judges, Jeffrey Daniels, Yinka Davies and Charly Boy, gave it all up for mercy Mercy`s performance.
The next to perform was Honey Adum. He performed Tuface`s African Queen and Dbanji`s `FALL IN LOVE`. He didn`t do badly either. But from the way Charly Boy, one of the Judges spoke, he might not make it to the final four. What did Charly Boy say, Joe Blue is a Tsunami, Mercy is good, I see Najite to be in the top three that was after he had consulted with his sets of rings and he told Stephen Onochie that he doesn`t like the looks on his face on eviction days and that he loves his smiles. He ended up by saying you will be in the top four, I will see you here next week. It`s a red card for Honey Adum, but the audience have the final say because they are the voters and not the Judges.
The third contestant to perform on stage was loverboy Stephen Onochie as he is called. He sang two songs the first was `EGO` by Djinee and the second was `SWEET MOTHER` by Nico Mbanga. Stephen did so well that the audience gave him a standing ovation. He had his parents in the audience and his choice of sweet mother was a dedication to his mother who while singing the song, he embraced.
After Stephen came Najite. She sang two songs too. `MOSE ORIRE` by IK Dairo and `IF YOU ASK ME` by Omawunmi. According to Najite`s interview with Tiwa Savage on of the anchor`s of Nigerian Idol season 2 show, the choice of the first song she sang `MOSE ORIRE` is a thanksgiving to God who has seen her thus far. After doing her best in the stage, Charly Boy, predicted that she`ll be in the final three.
Joe blue performed two songs namely `OLORI OKO` by a group called infinity and `FEVER`. Joe thrilled the audience and the Judges that one of the guest Judges, Sir Shina Peters predicted that in a couple of years from now, Joe Blue and himself will meet on stage. Charly Boy, told Joe`s mother who was present in the show that he did like to adopt joe blue. The theatre arts undergraduate of the University of Lagos is no doubt a bundle of talent. Voting has started. Who will be evicted this week? Voters are advised to vote wisely. Above is Mercy Chinwo

Honey Adum in DBanji`s `FALL IN LOVE`

Stephen Onochie performing Djinee`s `EGO`

Najite doing Omawunmi`s ` IF YOU ASK ME`

Tsunami Joe Blue Infinity`s `OLORI OKO`