Friday, March 23, 2012


evictee The ongoing season 2 of the Nigerian Idol TV reality Music show sponsored by etisalat Nigeria is gradually coming to an end as one of the Judges favourite to make the final three was evicted. Najite El-David was this week`s evictee in the ongoing Nigerian Idol show. In one of her performance before this week`s eviction, one of the three Judges, Charly Boy had consulted his oracle and had predicted Najite to be in the final three but unfortunately, when this week`s result was annouced, it contradicted Charly Boy`s oracle as the person he had predicted to be in the final four has now gone beyond the final four and is now in the final three and that`s Stephen Onochie the loverboy. Before the annoucement of the result, to say that all hope was lost for Onochie is to state the obvious. Ill the anchor had asked each of the Judges of who amongst the contestants will score the highest number of votes. They actually didn`t answer the question directly but Yinka Davies, one of the Judges praised Mercy and Joe Blue directly giving them confidence. Little or nothing was said about Stephen Onochie, but when the result was annouced, Mercy, scored the highest number of votes this week, followed by Stephen whom Charly Boy`s oracle had predicted for the top four and not three. But Stephen is now in the top three. With the way the show is going, any of the three contestants can win the big prize of a hunderd thousand US dollars and the big question of who will that be will be answered early next month. Picture above shows Najite the
Stephen Onochie, scored the second highest number of votes this week

Mercy middle almost fainting after annoucing that she scored the highest number of votes this week

Nagite El-David, in her last performance in the season 2 Idol show 

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