Sunday, March 25, 2012


Organisers of Nigerian Idol season 2 Reality TV Music show, dedicated last week`s show to the late Afro beat king, Fela Kuti as the three contestants left in the competition sang late Fela Kuti`s songs. His first son, Femi Kuti was invited as the guest Judge. After the contestants had finished thrilling the audience present in the show with Fela`s songs, Charly Boy who happens to be one of the Judges, used a paper to jokingly make what looked like a Marijuana (IGBO) but not a Marijuana it was only a paper to signify what the late was known to smoke durning his days on earth. Above is Fela`s son Femi Kuti left, with a lighter joking with Charly Boy`s paper shaped Marijuana at the Nigerian Idol show.

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