Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo story on the voters registration exercise in Ishasi Ifo Local government area in Ogun state Nigeria

The voter’s registration exercise in Zumuratu Islamiya primary school at Ishasi Akute Ogun state Nigeria towards the upcoming general elections coming up soon was described by people as unsuccessful on the second day of the exercise 16th January 2011 .The exercise which is billed to last for 15 days started yesterday the 15th of January 2011 with just three people who managed to register. There were three registration tables and over 1000 people waiting to be registered yesterday. But unfortunately the equipments needed to be used for the exercise were not functional. Only one of the tables managed to register three people out of about 1000 people who came out for the registration. Today the second day of the registration recorded a poor turn out as a result of what happened yesterday. Despite the low turn out, the story still remained the same as the equipments still refused to work. As at 2.00 pm today, nobody was registered.
Pix above shows Mrs Makinde Left who could not go through the normal process of all her fingers being printed because the equipments were not working well. The corper had to register her left thumb print alone claiming that was the new directive she was given.This development made people angry and they all went home.Their reason was that all fingers must be printed and not one.

The queue at Zumuratu primary school Ishasi Akute Ogun state Nigeria that yielded no positive result as people went home the second day without been registered

Community leader Mr.Femi Makinde blamed the equipments for the poor registration exercise.

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