Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The fellowship of christian ministers Nigeria,held their annual conference at Hoarse Memorial Metodist Cathedral Sabo Lagos Nigeria, on July 26,2011. A lecture title ``ENDTIME EXPECTATION" was delivered by Prof.Chris Awodipe.Picture above is the president of Fellowship of Christian Ministers Nigeria, Rev. Joseph Oladipo delivering his speech at the occasion. As part of his speech, Rev.Oladipo called the attention of the federal government of Nigeria on the insecurity the group called Boko Haram is causing to the christians and is appealing to the government of the day to act fast before the situation goes out of hand. Left of the picture is Rev.Princess Yewande Akintoye Braimoh,PRO Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) Lagos State and special adviser on Christian religion matters to the governor of Lagos State.

Christian ministers in the mood of worship at the conference.

Professor Chris Awodipe,the guest speaker on "ENDTIME EXPECTIONS" delivering his lecture. In his lecture, he said that the bible says that the sower threw around seeds.Some fell on good soils and produced.Some fell on rocky ground and could not produce. Obviously all the seeds were good but where the seeds fell  determined the level of productivity of the seeds. Therefore, the sower should be held responsible for seeds that could not peoduce. If anything is wrong with your life ask God he said.

Ministers praying for Nigeria at the conference.

Archbishop Magnus Atilade said that the CBN is lieing that Islamic Banking is interest free. It is not true he said. When you have a business idea and you propose it to the Islamic Bank, they will fund it and attach somebody to monitor the financial aspect of the business. The very first day the business begins to make profit,they will start deducting the interest rate which is fifty percent The noise about interest free rate should stop, because it`s not true. Islamic Banking will not take place in this country because it`s a means of wanting to make Nigeria a muslim state.

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