Monday, July 18, 2011


The Christian Welfare Initiative,headed by Archbishop Magnus Atilade,is not happy with the way the government of the day is handling the issue of Boko Haram.According to the president,all those behind Boko Haram should be prosecuted.The immediate past governor of Borno state Alimodu Sheriff should be prosecuted. The president of CWI is also against Islamic banking. This is another device of wanting to make Nigeria a Muslim nation.I dont see any rational in a bank giving out loans without interest.Those advocating for Islamic banking should come all out and tell us how they are going to go about giving out loans without interest he argued.Even if giving out loans without interest is going to work,the president believes that the name Islamic banking should not be allowed because Nigeria is a country with a constitution that allows freedom of worship.The third issue the CWI addressed was the issue of minimum wage.It is wicked for the government to say they can`t pay 18,000 naira when those in the house of assembly earn as much as 12 million naira every month.The president of CWI wants the 18,000 naira minimum wage to commence from the end of this month (July).The flood that ravaged the country recently was blamed on the Chairmen of local governments who according to the president of CWI should provide good drainage systems,motor able roads in their localities.If this had been put in place,the flood would not have done the damage it did to the nation and it`s citizens when the rain fell. Picture right is Archbishop Magnus A.Atilade president of Christian Welfare Initiative and his vice professor Chris Awodipe addressing the issues concerning the nation July 18,2011.

Rev.Dr.Michael Ekiran says that Islamic banking should not be what should be paramount in the CBN`s agenda,rather the CBN should try and strengthen the naira.Next to him is the secretary of CWI, Eddy Nnadi and the vice president Professor Chris Awodipe.

The flood at Oremeji Olori Ogun state is a typical example of what the CWI president is talking about the local government.This  area lacks the presence of the local governemt concerning such infrastucture as a good drainage system and a motorable road.

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