Sunday, November 13, 2011


Mount Zion foundation Ministries situated at Ojodu in Lagos state Nigeria is just five years old. But in it`s five years of existence God has actually proven that he is at work in the ministry as he makes the impossible possible. People with all sorts of difficulties are set free with the power of God under the anointing of the forty five year old pastor, Paul Nkiruka. Above is Pastor Paul Nkiruka ministering the word of God to the congregation on November 13, 2011.

Foluso Olukayode who had lump in both breast, after she had operated the first lump, was prayed for and when she went to the hospita,l the doctors confirmed the absence of the lump. 

Victoria Edem got a job in one of the companies in Lagos and she had eyed a particular department. The dapartment she eyed was not meant for new staffs. This made her sow her salary and that same month, she was given the department she desired. She also testified on behalf of her sister who laboured for days in the hospital and with the quick intervention of the man of God, she delivered safely.

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