Sunday, January 29, 2012

'SLAM' back with a brand new single titled TAMARA.

The Ibuchineke crooner, SLAM, has released an up tempo Gospel track with a
blend  of different languages which is set to take the music world by storm
and give listeners a nice listening experience.

Slam, who took  time  off  for  a  while  to acquire a Master’s degree in
Marketing  in London, United Kingdom, said he has been working on the piece
for some time.

The  musician,  who  hails  from  the eastern part of Nigeria, has a unique
talent  that  has  made  movie  producers  use  him  to  create outstanding
Some  of the top cinema  Nollywood blockbusters such as  Bursting Out, Kiss
N Tell Reloaded , Guilty Pleasures, Okon in Lagos, I'll take my Chances and
many more have had the touch of the magnificent, SLAM.

A  The  Multi-talented  Artist  (songwriter dancer, M.C. and producer) also
works in a one of the top PR firm in Nigeria ''The Quadrant Company '' with
such  a  busy  schedule  and long recording session he finds time to drop a
single whilst waiting to put final touches in the forth-coming album.

The artist who just came back from The Gambia after performing for the Miss
West African International last year survived a terrible accident that
would  have caused him his life around Rivers State when he went out for an
Official duty.

Slam we await the Album but this single is Slamming and definitely a
popular nuptial song at weddings and Church praises. Watch out for Slams`s audio, on this site on monday, January 30, 2012

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