Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Okotie and Stephanie, when the going was good
After announcing to his flock about his second divorce on Sunday, June 24, 2012, the senior pastor of Household of God, Rev. Chris Okotie has been avoiding the press. Journalists have been trying to get him to speak more on his failed marriage to Stephanie Henshaw, whom he married four years ago, but the man of God has refused to say anyyhing. Nevertheless, his church has officially released a press statement concernig his crashed marriage which unfortunately, is the second Read the statement below.
"The Pastor of our Church, the Household of God, Oregun, Lagos, Rev Chris Okotie announced his separation from Stephanie his wife of four years, at the end of last Sunday`s service.
Both parties arrived at this decision after careful review of the prevailing circumstances which pointed to the fact that it is the best option for them at this time. They also agreed not to divulge details of this incident for personal reasons.
Rev Okotie thanks concerned friends and well-wishers and asked for understanding. He also expressed the hope that their decision would be respected as no further details would be given on this issue.” - Household of God spokesperson, Mr. Ladi Ayodeji

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