Friday, June 8, 2012


Moji Danisa

One of Nigeria`s most popular female Journalist, Moji Danisa has found true love. The veteran entertainment Journalist graduated from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism Ogba Lagos Nigeria in 1995 and was the editor of Climax Magazine, Whispers Magazine, Citynews Newspaper where she was the editor-in-chief, Charly Boy Magazine before going back to broadcasting which she had earlier left to edit Charly Boy Magazine. Having chosen a low profile for a very long time the grapevine is abuzz with Moji Danisa`s affair with a Lagos Big Boy.The guy a public relations consultant was once a journalist. Friends were surprised when this dark complexioned dude turned up at a party recently with a very radiant Moji and they were all over each other. When the beautiful woman in her late forties looking like a thirty year old was contacted, the queen like she`s called said she was in Lagos, but only to work. I don`t know whoever you are talking about she said and I did not attend any party. Moji, do you have a guy in your life? Of course she sharply responded and it`s private and the Abuja based AIT broadcaster quickly dropped the phone. However, my sources are never wrong. Waatch out for more,,,,

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