Monday, June 20, 2011


The Christian welfare initiative which was established about a year ago,held its national conference at 36 Palm Avenue street,Mushin Lagos Nigeria ,Today June 20 2011.The President of the initiative Archbishop Magnus Atilade at the conference expressed his dissatisfaction in the recent bombings in the country.At the conference,he suggested Bishop Kayode Williams the national  co-ordinator of the initiative to the federal government of Nigeria as one of the capable people this administration needs to put in charge of the security of this country because of his past criminal record before christ arrested him.With people like Kayode Williams,Boko Haram will cease to exist in this country the president said. Left to right of this picture is Professor Chris Awodipe Vice president  of the initiative,Archbishop Magnus Atilade president of the initiative presenting Bishop Kayode Williams at the conference as one of the people the federal government needs to put in charge of the security of this country so that the insecurity brought to Nigerians by a group called Boko Haram can be brought to an end.

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