Tuesday, June 21, 2011


As part of its activities to mark it`s first anniversary,the christian welfare initiative visted the Kirikiri maximum prison in Apapa Lagos Nigeria with food items,toiletries and other items.Picture above shows Archbishop Magnus Atilade,the president of the initiative,centre of the picture,touching one of the items presented to the inmates.

Pastor Henry Orishie,an immate and the pastor of Liberty Chapel in Kirikiri prison who has spent over ten years in the prison pleaded with the president of the initiative Archbishop Magnus Atilade to please appeal to the government on behalf of the inmates so that freedom can be granted to them.We are not going back to our vomits if liberty is granted us he promised.The pastor who was in tears said if God marks iniquities,who can stand.We have learnt our lessons a hard way and we have changed and we earnestly plead to be given another chance,

Hundreds of inmates gave their lives to Christ today June 21,2011 at the prison service conducted by the president of CWI,Magnus Atilade.Praying for them is the vice president of christian welfare initiative,professor Chris Awodipe.

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