Friday, July 27, 2012

Police discover human parts in Festac

Mohammed Abubakar, Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force.
The police yesterday July 26, 2012 made a shocking and bizarre discovery of human parts in a residence at Festac Town in Lagos State when it raided a building believed to be occupied by ritualists.
Police Sources said they were alerted by neighbors who were suspicious of activities going-on in the building located at House No. 6, B Close, Third Avenue Festac which prompted them to storm the building around 12 noon, and searched the entire place leading to the discovery of some fresh human parts inside a bathtub and a room used as a shrine.
The police said that several human parts such as fresh human head, hand, limbs, decomposing head and female breasts were also discovered.
Meanwhile two brothers Omotola and Toye Ajayi, who were occupants of the building, were arrested and taken away by the police. Also a manhunt has been lunched for another occupant said to be at large.
When our source spoke with Omotayo, he said the dismembered body found inside the bathtub was that of his younger brother who he said has been declared missing for some days but denied having any knowledge of who may have killed and dumped him inside the bathtub.
“I stay in that building but I don’t bath inside the bathroom because the bathtub is bad. The body found in the bathtub could be that of my brother. He was missing and I have not seen him for quite a long time”, he said

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