Saturday, May 19, 2012


Nigeria`s Lampard displaying the trophy in Nigeria hours before the real Lampard displayed the real European Champions League trophy in Ikeja.

The prediction of the Nigerian supporters of Chelsea football club of England as the team to win this year`s (2012) champions league trophy came to manifestation this night as Chelsea defeated Bayern Munich on their soil via penalites. Victor Abraham a carpet retailer in Ikeja Lagos said even if it`s half zero, I know Chelsea will win this trophy. When asked why he was so confident about Chelsea`s victory over Bayern, he pointed at his shop and said if we don`t (Chelsea) win this trophy today (May 19, 2012) come to my shop and call me a bastard. You have not answered the question, why do you think Chelsea will win? Look oga he replied in Pidgin English saying wetin I talk Na him dey happen, Chelsea don win this one simple.
Another Chelsea fan Kehinde Coker also known as oldskool who works with Ikeja Local Government also said hours before the match that Chelsea will be crowned at the end of the day. Why? He said I believe in them. Hours before the match was played, Chelsea fans in Ikeja were already celebrating Chelsea`s victory in advance as a little boy in Chelsea`s colour displayed a trophy to symbolise Chelsea`s victory over Bayern Munich. Fortunately, hours after, the prediction of the Nigerian supporters came to past as Chelsea defeated Bayern Munich in Germany via penalty shoot out to win this year`s European Champions league.

Picture above is Victor Abraham, a carpet retailer in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Kehinde Coker, believes in Chelsea

Chelsea supporters at Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria pose for photograph on May 19, 2012

A shop owner at Ikeja preparing to make good sales from Chelsea`s outfit.    

A Nigerian who supports Chelsea lying hopeless on the floor after Bayern`s Thomas Muller`s goal sinked into the net of Chelsea in the 83rd minute of the game.

Chelsea supporters in Nigeria, celebrating their victory after  Didier Drogba successful penalty in a beer parlour where most Nigerian watch matches because power supply in Nigeria is a big luxury

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