Wednesday, May 23, 2012


One of the numerous billboards in Oyo State in a sorry state before the appointment of Yinka Adepoju as Director General of Oyo State Signage and Advertisment Agency.
 Yinka Adepoju, Director General of Oyo State Signage and Advertisment Agency working hard to reform the outdoor advertising industry in the state.
The Director General of the newly created Oyo State Signage and Advertisement Agency (OYSAA) Mr. Yinka Adepoju has said that in its' Agency's determined effort to rid Oyo State of Sub-Standard and non-conforming Outdoor Advertising Structures no stone will be left unturned.
He made this Statement at the commencement of a one-week Training exercise organized for fifty cadets of the YES-O Scheme seconded to the Signage Agency from the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA). They are to serve as Enumerators for OYSAA.
Charging the participants at the workshop, the Director General stated that it is no longer business as usual in Oyo State for Out-of-Home media practitioners and advertisers that wish to do business in the pace setter state will henceforth go through due process.
In what he termed a ‘Silent Revolution’ to make Oyo State Outdoor Space more beautiful, decent and conducive he enjoined all stakeholders in Outdoor advertising practice to join the Transformation Train in order to achieve an unparalleled success in this herculean task of bringing a new lease of life into Oyo State Outdoor Space, a mission that must be accomplished.
The Enumeration exercise he affirmed will form the Database for the Agency as a proper audit of all categories of Signs and Billboards which will detail out the advertisement on the structures, areas where the hoardings are located, condition of the structures and the GIS location map will be carefully carried out after the training.
Mr. Yinka Adepoju however reassured the Stakeholders and the general public that with this new initiative there will be provision of limitless opportunities for better Outdoor growth in Oyo State and a level playing field for all who want to practice in the State.


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