Sunday, April 22, 2012


Nothing seems to be right in Ifo Local Government in Ogun State Nigeria as the infrastucture is nothing to write about. At Onibudo in Tipper garage, in Akute, Ogun State Nigeria, this gutter which is designed to channel rain water to the right place so as to avoid flood has automatically become a bush courtesy of the lackadaisical attitude of the local government despite the vote that runs into Millions of Naira they get from the state to put things right. Last year`s rains was a disaster in this area just because gutters are not constructed and the few that are in place like this one that has turned into a bush are not well constructed and maintained. We are just entering into another raining season, with this kind of gutter turned into bush, will last year`s flood that claimed lives and properties in this local government area which was caused because the gutters could not channel rain waters properly, not repeat itself this year? Picture above shows the gutter at Onibudo in Tipper Akute, Ogun State Nigeria on April 21, 2012


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