Sunday, April 15, 2012


One of the primary responsibilities of a local government is to provide roads, good drainage system etc in it`s locality but this is not so in the case of Ifo Local Government area in Ogun state South-West of Nigeria. Most Roads in Ifo Local Government area in Ogun State are not tarred and there are no good drainage systems and the very few drainage systems that are in place were done by the association of landlords. Rain is supposed to be a blessing but in Ifo Local Government area in Ogun state, it is not because the infrastructure is not in place to channel waters into the right places thus, bringing panic into the lives of the inhabitants of Ifo LGA when rainy season approches as the case is presently. Most landlords in Ifo LGA have now taken up the responsibility of the local government council who get millions of Naira as vote every month from the state to provide infrastructure and will not. These Landlords have now setup their own Community Development Associations so as to be able to put in place the necessary infrastructure to make their communities habitiable. At Bode/Edun Alubankudi area in Ajuwon, under Ifo LGA, the landlords formed a Community Development Association which is known as Bode/Edun Alubamkudi Community Development Association. The purpose of this association is to provide such infrastructure as a tarred road and a good drainage system which will channel waters into the right places and will prevent flood in the community says the street guard who refused to give us his name. According to the street guard, the absence of a good drainage system in the community has caused people in the community a lot. Last year`s rains cause some landlords their fence, spoit some tenants valuable properties etc just because there are no good drainage systems. According to the guard, the executves of Bode/Edun Alubankudi CDA have met with the governor of Ogun state in the person of Ibukunle Amosu and so far, nothing has been done. The community has then decided to set a target for themselves that this year(2012), the association will construct a drainage system that is solid so that when is rains, the flood will not run into the homes of people but will be channelled into the right place with the help of a good drainage system. The guard went ahead to explain that the strategy the community wants to use to raise the money is by taxing vehicle and bike owners. Bike riders that enter the community pay Ten Naira, Cars pay Twenty Naira, Tippers pay Fifty Naira and Trailers pay hundred Naira. The guard refused to let us know how much is made per day and how much the project will cost. The big question then is, the money given to Ifo Local Government Area in Ogun State Nigeria, what is it used for? Picture above shows the untarred road without a drainage facility at Bode/Edun Alubankudi community in Ajuwon under Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The main entrance to the community

The guard collecting money from a commercial motorcyclist who is about to enter the community Motorcyclists pay Ten Naira.

The guard collecting money from the driver of the car. Cars pay Twenty Naira before they can enter the community

The guard discussing the price the Tipper driver must pay before he can drive into the community . Tippers pay Fifty Naira.

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