Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The absence of jobs in Nigeria has reduced youths who want to work at all cost to unprofitable hawking. The hawkers who are not lens friendly refused to give their names and reluctantly answered few questions said they hawk because they want to be seen doing something. A tooth-brush hawker told me that bros, this business is less than Five Thousand Naira and I barely make a profit of Two Hundred Naira per day, I have to eat, buy pure water since I treck a lot, so you yourself can see that I am making nothing out of it. When asked why he is still in the business, he says I just want to work. I don`t want to stay at home, when asked again if it is not better to stay at home than to embark on this unprofitable business, he said it is better to hawk than to stay at home because the idle mind is the Devil`s work shop. The same story the tooth-brush hawker narrated concerning the unprofitability and reason for still hawking was the same story the singlet hawker, coconut seller and basket hawker all narrated. Photo above is the Tooth-brush hawker who makes less than Two Hunded naira a day and says `I still hawk because the idle mind is the devil`s workshop`

The basket hawker hawks, because he does not want to be idle

The singlet hawker hawks, because he wants to be seen doing something

The coconut hawker hawks, because he does not want to stay at home

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