Thursday, April 19, 2012


Best Whisky, made by Intra International in South Africa and marketed in Nigeria by Tanamount Nigeria limited took over the attention of commercial bus drivers and motorcyclists at their park in Berger Lagos Nigeria. The sales promotion director, Lanre Badmus says that they decided to use entertainment as a strategy to get the attention of the drivers and the motorcyclists who are actually the biggest consumers of gin that was why they came with a good Dj and great dancers whom they used to capture the attention of the ever busy Lagos drivers and cyclists.This is a new brand in the Nigerian market and this is one of the ways to make it acceptable says Lanre. Photo above are people trying to buy the whisky

One of the dancers contracted by the company to attract the attention of people to the brand is seen doing that

The two female dancers, dancing with one of the drivers at Berger

One of the female dancers and one of the drivers at Berger park in Lagos

The driver digging it out with another female dancer

The driver in another dancing position with the contracted female dancer

Passers-by watching one of the female dancers as one of the Motorcyclists empowers himself with the whisky gin

Lanre Badmus sales promotion director of Tanamount Nigeria says `we are marketing this brand using entertainment`

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