Friday, April 20, 2012


It didn`t rain heavily on April 19, 2012 and the Oju-Odo Ijoko Road in Ogun state has already started experiencing this kind of flood, what will happen when the Rain falls heavily asked a passer-by? The rain has just began and we are just entering into it`s season and infrastructure to avoid this kind of embarassing situation has not been put in place the passer-by said. These politicians are the same. When the former governor of Ogun state Gbenga Daniel was there he did nothing to improve the lot of the inhabitants of the state, now another governor from another party named Ibikunle Amosu from Action Congress of Nigeria is now in charge and he is yet to do anthing concerning infrastructure in this area. According to the passer-by who refused his picture taken and refused to give his details, he said that the most annoying thing about the situation is that the incumbent goveror used to reside in this area, Olambe to be specific yet nothing has been done to avoid this ugly sight he queried. I wonder how this place will be like when it starts raining heavily because we are just entering into the raining season he remarked. Picture above shows the flood at Oju-Odo, Ijoko Road Abule Ekun in Ogun state Nigeria on April 19, 2012 caused by just a little Rain that fell.   


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